Nicole Lanning

Professional Healer, Psychic & Author

Professional Healer helps clients around the world!


Nicole Lanning uses her unique abilities in energy healing and intuition to help others grow and learn! Her down-to-earth approach to people, their lives, issues, and her willingness to help as earned her a vast and loyal following around the world. Psychic healing is something that many people do not understand fully until they have worked with Lanning one on one.


Lanning is a natural born empath that has focused her life on healing and teaching others to do the same. She always knew she was different from other children growing up as an early Indigo child and having a passion and love for her guides. Lanning has transformed her life, being raised in a very strict religious God-fearing background, into a successful Spirit loving entrepreneur. Psychic healing is something that has developed in her life through many years of practice listening to her guides, and following their own messages. Through the use of her psychic healing abilities, she founded Healing Art Forms and is the author of Practical Crystal Healing Series Books and Healing U.


Her spirit guides had set her on an energetically enlightened pathway through many different venues along with her healing, such as being an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and a Certified Energy Healer. Through her work now with energy healings, intuitive readings and over 60 of her own channeled energy forms, Lanning has been honored with accreditations from the International Natural Healers Association and the World Metaphysical Association.


A dynamic healing speaker with an extraordinary story and a tremendous ability to touch people’s hearts and souls, Lanning helps them to make significant and positive changes in their lives. From the young to the old, people have been motivated by her inspiring presentations, energy healings and teachings. She is one to go above and beyond to help explain what is going on at your very soul level with her psychic abilities, recognize and accept them for the present moment.


Using her connection with the spirit realm, her own enhanced abilities, and practical wisdom Lanning's work has reached clients from around the world to help learn, grow and change.  Experience her energy healing work today!